About us

Sustainable development

Environmental Protection Policy

We are committed to the responsible production and marketing of an environmentally friendly product. We manage our plants, processes and raw materials to meet or exceed environmental regulations and other requirements and to reduce the risk to our employees and the local community.

Concern for the environment

We are committed to managing our businesses and facilities to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Reducing energy consumption

Reducing power consumption, which accounts for up to 85% of our total consumption, is our primary goal. To reduce consumption we use various measures, such as LED lighting, automatic maximum power level controls, and receiving medium voltage power.

Reusing water

Reducing water consumption and protecting its quality are key goals of sustainable development and directed at reusing water; a closed recirculation system and adiabatic heat exchangers are used for cooling.

Recycling of materials

We recycle 95% of the copper and 90% of the polymers in the waste from wiring and cables.

Community involvement

We are committed to being a role model and a responsible corporate citizen in the community where we live and work. We focus our contributions on educational programs that are useful to the community and programs such as conservation awareness and the efficient use of electricity.

Our suppliers

We consider the suppliers with whom we build partnerships to be an integral part of our manufacturing processes. We believe that our company has a responsibility to produce and develop new and innovative products with high safety standards and efficiency with reduced environmental impact, and we expect the same commitment from our suppliers.

Cost reductions

We are reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, improving efficiency, eliminating waste, reducing the consumption of resources within the industry value chain, and improving the environmental and financial performance of businesses, products and services. We achieve additional cost reductions through innovative approaches to waste reduction and recycling that extend beyond the usual targets.

Research and development

We are committed to the development of new and sustainable production processes and products, while ensuring positive economic outcomes such as profit, cost savings and growth.