About us

Quick facts


  • Founding of the company for the sale and distribution of electrical cable. Sole founder. Ernest Tolj.


  • Beginning of own production – Zagreb Jankomir.
  • Start of production of installation wires with an annual capacity of 12,000 tons.


  • Expanded production program – Zagreb Jankomir.
  • Introduction of the production of power cables up to 1 kV with a growth in annual capacity to 20,000 tons.


  • New manufacturing facility with an increase in production – Jakovlje.
  • Greenfield investment – construction of a modern factory in Jakovlje, transfer to a new plant.
  • Start of production of our own PVC compounds and 8 mm copper wire from cathodes, extension of production program to cables of larger cross sections with or without metallic covering with an annual capacity increase to 30,000 tons.


  • Introduction of CPR regulation.


  • Management System 9001.2015.