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Eurocable Group d.o.o. in Zagreb was founded in 1999. During that time it has become one of the leading producers of low-voltage electrical wires and cables in Central and Southeastern Europe The company has two locations: the headquarters and commercial and financial activities are in Zagreb, while production is in the town of Jakovlje.
The company features technologically advanced, computer-controlled, high-speed production equipment with quality control during the production process (in-line control) and vertical integration of processes through the in-house production of 8 mm copper wires from copper cathode and PVC granules developed and adapted to our technological production.

Our company produces installation wires and power cables for voltages up to 1 kV, the majority of which is used in the construction of residential and business buildings, industrial machinery and traffic infrastructure.
Special attention is devoted to the environment by reducing energy use and the amount of waste by the optimization of all production processes, such as the recycling of up to 95% of total technological waste at the production facility.

The business of the company is directed at:


To strengthen the position we have acquired in 20 years of development and growth, we establish and follow daily goals based on delivery of a product and high-quality service, keeping in mind safety and protection of the environment. By establishing goals for quality and constantly monitoring their achievement, we ensure consistent application of a policy of quality.
Production takes place on 20 production lines located in a 10,000 m2 building with an additional outdoor warehousing space of 5,000 m2. The process is organized so that lines produce semi-finished products that are integrated into complete products wires and cables. All of the production lines have been acquired from renowned European manufacturers, and they include significant automation and quality control, which reduces the chances for human error.
The capacity of the factory is 30,000 tons of finished products per year, 15,000 of which is copper and 1,500 tons of which is aluminum as the main raw materials for the production of wires and cables. For insulation materials, we use about 8,000 tons of PVC compound, which is produced in several different forms, based on the requirements of the cable standards.
We constantly seek to invest in the production processes and in our employees, while at the same time caring for the environment and the local community.